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Fashion for the Future RITUAL FASHION

Jillian Ann the Designer and Visionary of Ritual Fashion is truly a renaissance woman. A musician, model, writer, environmentalist and world traveler she brings all of these influences into her fashion designs. Jillian was one of the first models to use the internet to get work eschewing the conventional agencies in favor of developing a professional network that quickly made her one of the top models online.

Income from modeling helped her launch her music career and as she toured the world, playing small venues to massive shows at Burning Man and EDC, she kept looking for the coolest clothes to wear on stage and off. While a great admirer of many fashion designers. she decided that her style was a bit different from what was readily available and Ritual was born.

Her passion for environmental issues, the ethical treatment workers and the endless search for style proved to be the foundation upon which Ritual was started and has since grown. In its fourth year, this largely self-financed startup has been featured in top magazines and worn by some of the biggest film, TV and music stars as well as being featured in television and film.

Jillian designs and oversees production of her clothes as each is hand made by skilled artisans using eco friendly materials. Jillian can often be seen at the world’s top music festivals and calls Bali , NYC, Los Angeles and London home.

Favorite quote: Hannibal “ I will find a way or make one”.

Favorite color: Black

Favorite pet: cat

Favorite fabrics to design in: Leather, silk and modal.

Jillian Ann is a multi-media artist who is equally comfortable behind a piano or in front of a camera, singing on festival stages or producing tracks for a DJ set in a nightclub. A singer-songwriter with a classical training in Piano, Jillian is also a programing geek which allows her to cross the musical genres of electronica, goth and rock, all the while experimenting and collaborating with cutting edge dj's and producers in dubstep, downtempo, chill glitch hop, electro house, trance and sounds so new there is no name for them yet.

Von Gutenberg Fashion Magazine loves the work from Jillian Ann and is following her work, inspiration and magical energy!

Her website:

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